Make your next private party or company event more fun
with Starmaker Karaoke, San Jose's and the Silicon Valley's
best mobile karaoke service where the motto is "We Make
YOU The Star!"

We are karaoke enthusiasts with a passion to make our
clients' karaoke experience the best it can possibly be.

As a result, we have earned unanimous five-star ratings on
multiple consumer review websites.

We serve the San Francisco Bay Area karaoke singers with
equipment especially selected to make you sound good, like
our Shure SM-58 wireless microphones, the No.1 choice of
professional singers worldwide for 30+ years.

For the discerning karaoke singer, we use the top labels in
karaoke music such as DK Karaoke, Sound Choice, and
Chartbusters, and the finest pro audio equipment from
amaha, Allen & Heath, and Electro-Voice.

Whether you are a karaoke beginner or veteran, our
equipment, songs, and Sound Engineer/Host all have the
single aim of making you sound good, of making YOU the

Starmaker Karaoke has a library of thousands of songs,
from hard-to-find classics like The Kinks and Simon &
Garfunkle to the latest favorites from A
dele and Gotye.

We specialize in weddings, corporate and private parties.
Starmaker Karaoke
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