Karaoke Etiquette

    Every sport has its unwritten rules. Following are a few that
    we have picked up from our years of going to karaoke

    1. Don't ask the KJ (karaoke DJ) to start the song over. If
    you miss the first line, just come in on the second line. No
    one will care.

    2. Do keep it down, when in the audience.  The worst is
    when you have a table near the stage, someone in your
    party says something funny, and you let out a huge
    "bwahahaha!"  To the singer on stage, that laugh comes
    through loud and clear and is really distracting.

    3. Don't scream into the mic. As you prepare for the jungle
    yell at the end of "My Sharona", back that microphone up a
    couple of inches. You'll save the audience a lot of pain.

    4. Do take care of the karaoke equipment!  Especially the
    mic.  Don't swing it by the cord during the instrumental
    break.  It may look cool, but the cord has these delicate
    wires that will break and you've just put a premature end to
    the show!

    5. Don't come up on stage and join in on someone else's
    song. Perhaps your backing vocal to "Sex and Candy" is
    God's gift to harmony, but you pick up that second mic
    without prior permission and you will die a terrible death.
    Everyone deserves their own moment in the spotlight. (This
    is not to discourage a planned harmony jam, which can be
    a beautiful thing.)

    6. Do come up to the front and dance if the music moves
    you.  Nothing makes singers feel more appreciated than
    people dancing during their performance.  It shows your
    love for the song and/or the singer.

    7. Don't milk the applause. Even if you deserve it -
    especially if you deserve it - nothing is cooler than a
    humble "thanks" and a quick exit. If you are offered a high-
    five, however, slap away. Also, if you have just performed
    an Elvis tune, you are required by law to mumble,
    "Thankyou, thankyouvermuch."

    Check back here often for more tips on how to enjoy your
    karaoke experience by giving a great performance!

    Questions or comments on the tip above?  Have karaoke
    tips of your own to share?  Contact us for information.
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